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December 9th, 2010

Free software @ 05:23 pm

Current Mood: curious curious

Hey guys.

I have a lot of extra software laying around that I don't need anymore.  Can anyone use it?

Transparent Language "Learn French Now" V8
Transparent Language "Learn Spanish Now" V8
Yamaha CD Mastering Software Bundle (Nero 5, InCD 2, NeroMix, Nero Wave Editor, Nero Utility Kit) - 2 copies
Purina One Pet Care Kit
Hasbro Interactive Scrabble
AOpen Fax/Modem Suite V10
Yamaha Neato Labeling Software bundle
Sound Blaster Demo CD (Sum of All Fear and Ghost Recon games)
Texas Instrumens TI Resource CD v2 - 2 copies
Zip Iomega Tools
Arctec Scanner bundle (Scan Ez, Text Bridge Classic, MGI PhotoSuite SE)
PNY Verto Installtion CD
Soundblaster Live Installation CD
Yamaha bonus applications (PhotoDeluxe 4, Active Share, Photoshop E 5 [mac])
Kaplan ACT
Kaplan SAT and PSAT
Roxio Easy CD Creator 5


Comment me or email me candychic125 at hotmail dot com

August 16th, 2009

Stuff I have lying around (on hold) @ 12:21 am



Final Fantasy Play Arts figures:
Sephiroth (missing spare hands)
Vincent (Also missing hands)
Cloud and Fenrir bike (I have his hand somewhere)

Lots of random gundam figures (the carded action figures, not models) if you are looking for a specific one, don't heasitate to ask. I'm not giving away all of them for free, but contact me if you want more than three. (Will get pictures of whole lot, and of individual groups soon)

A whole lot of beanie babies. fills three space bags....please make them go away. DX

If you would like to trade for an item, that's fine too.

I take paypal only.

August 15th, 2009

Free striped tail and collar. @ 05:59 pm

Current Location: Georgia
Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

Today I have a black and white striped faux fur tail for sell. It has one belt loop and the white fur is DF's long pile white. I'm not sure what the black is, but it's still good quality stuff.  I do not know who the original maker was, as I bought it some little while back and just never ended up wearing it. It is in perfect condition, would work for a lemur, b&W raccoon (though it could also be airbrushed if desired), or just for some crazy critter of your own creation.

I also have a black shiney collar with highlighter yellow stitching and silver dome studs. It is brand new and is a size medium. It would be great, not only for a dog, but for fashion or as a costume accessory.

I offer to ship UPS, Fed-Ex, or USPS (priority avilable upon request). I prefer you get insurance or a tracking number for things sent USPS, as I've had some trouble with my local post office.

I accept pay-pal or money order only.I'm locaed in the USA and I do NOT ship internationally, sorry.


August 13th, 2009

FREE VHS'! @ 08:39 pm

Current Location: Georgia
Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

I thought I'd kick this community off with a post of my own.

I am currently trying to get rid of some things. I just want them out of the house, as they are serving me no purpose what-so-ever.

Today I have three VHS tapes. They include Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, and two Escaflowne tapes. I'm pretty sure these work just fine, though it's been awhile since I have used them. They have been up on a shelf since the last time I used them though.

I accept paypal and money order only. I am located in the United States and am\ NOT willing to ship these internationally, it's just too much hassle, sorry.

I will ship UPS, Fed-Ex or USPS/Priority Mail. I prefer if you get these insured or at least opt for a tracking number if you use USPS partial post, as I've been having some package trouble at the post office lately. these are also available for local pick up if you live in my area.

Here are the items in questions.  You can request them all, or just one/two of them, I don't mind splitting them up.


August 12th, 2009

A few rules and guide lines. @ 10:32 pm


Here a few rules and guide lines so that you can all enjoy your stay here and have fun!

No illegal or hazardous materials. Not perishables. (Yes, this means I don't want you all giving away food stuffs. It would be too easy to tamper with or for someone to get food poisoning from improper handling/shipping methods). Please check your local laws to see what is or, is not, allowed to be shipped in your country.

You are not allowed to 'sell' items. This means that charging ridiculous shipping costs will not be tolerated. You will only be warned once, if you continue you will be banned.

Please be safe! Do not publicly post your address! You may posts postal/zip codes and/or countries in order to have shipping calculated for you. I will delete any publicly posted addresses that I see.

If you get caught taking money and not shipping items we will ban you.. period, no warning. Also, please do not mail anything until payment is received in order to avoid being scammed.

Also, please try not to flood the community with 20 posts a day, try to condense everything to one daily post.

And number one... ENJOY!

Cost of Shipping

Free items just for the price of shipping!