Cost of Shipping

Free items just for the price of shipping!

Cost of Shipping.
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Offering free items for only the price of shipping.
This is a community for those who have items they are trying to get rid of. They simply want them out of the house, they are tired of looking at them! And you can have these items, for free, all you have to do is pay the cost of shipping !

Please keep in mind the following rules!

You MUST pay the cost of shipping the item to get it!

When you are paid to ship an item you MUST ship it! We don't tolerate flakes and liars.

This is a public community! Do not post your address on the open forum, you may post zipcodes or postal codes to calculate shipping, full addresses should be e-mailed or sent through private notes.

You do not have to give the item to someone if you don't want to, but try not to be biased.

On the flip side, if someone declines giving you something, get over it, do not be immature. The items are still theirs and they have the right to do what they want with them.

NEVER use someone's address for any purpose other than to send the desired items. If you are caught abusing that information for other purposes you will be banned and possibly reported to the proper authorities depending on your offense.

Do not offer illegal or hazardous items. These vary from country to country. Please check with your local postal service to make sure that items you are sending, or receiving are not illegal where you live. This is your responsibility.

Also, do not try to turn this into a sell by charging $30 shipping on a box of light bulbs.. We know what is, and isn't, proper shipping costs.


Here are some things you need to include in your posts.

Item(s) you are giving away.

Payment methods accepted for the postage. (check, money order, paypal, ect.)

Will/won't ship internationally

What country you are in.

Available for local pick up (If yes then include your state)

Shipping methods available (USPS, UPS, Fed-ex, Royal Air Mail, ect).

Contact information in case the interested parties have question.

DISCLAIMER : The community maintainers are not responsible for what is shipped. We will try to prune any illegal activity but cannot guarantee that we will catch everything.

We are not responsible for replacing or reimbursing for packages that are not delivered or payments not received. Please play it smart, get tracking numbers and delivery confirmation if available. Insurance isn't a bad idea either. Also, we must advice that you never send cash through the mail. Once that money leaves your hand it is no longer traceable and you will have no proof that it was sent at all. Don't let yourself get scammed.

If we do catch someone scamming or giving out illegal items we will ban them, and report them to the necessary authorities if needed. Please don't ruin this for everyone.